War Robots Review And Evaluation

War Robots Review And Evaluation

If you love mech games, War Robots should be installed on your mobile device, if not, then you are mission out on an incredible action packed game. It was initially released as Walking War Robots, but the name was changed. The game runs on the iOS and Android platform and was released the month of April 2014. The app was created by a Russian game developer known as Pixonic. Basically, the player will operate a big robot while on a battle field. It is a real-time multiplayer game; one can decide to go play solo or tem up. The team consist of two team with each team with 6 members.

After installation

Once you install the game, either from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you can get right into the game. The game does not have a lengthy tutorial, similar to other war robots cheats games. Once installed, you need to choose our username, equip your starter bot and get into battle. Within a few seconds you will be able to start fighting your enemies.


Once on the battle field, you need to work with your team members so as to capture beacons. A beacon is a particular area within the battle fields. The beacons are five in total and are scattered in different location on the map. The main objective is to get as many beacon as possible within the allocated time. The allocated time for each battle is ten minutes. On the screen while playing, there is a status bar showing the level of each team as they battle. The more beacons one collects the slower the bar depletes. To win the game one has to capture as many beacons as possible more than the enemy or opponent. One can also win the game by killing all enemies within the time given.
As one play War Robots, they will be able to receive golds and silvers. When they accumulate, one can use them to buy more robots and weapons. They can also be used to upgrade the bots so that they can boost strength and capabilities while on the battle field.

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